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Copper and Diawa Sealines???

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I have 4- Diawa Sealines 47h's that where given to me. I sent them to Tuna's and had the drags upgraded. I was planning on using them for different lengths of lead core. Can these reels handle short segments of Copper(ie. 75ft, 150ft.) I would be using 45#. And how much backing do u think I should put on these reels for the above lengths.:confused:

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You could probably fit 150ft of copper on there with braid backing, the real question is will it be fun to real in. At one point I was using Penn 209's for full cores with 30lb fireline backing, but when the end diameter of your spool is that small, it takes forever to reel a fish in. Not to mention, if he makes a run for the boat, good luck catching up.

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