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Top five on my boat are:

1) Fishlander glow easteregg (4 inch)

2) Fishlander glow broken taillight (magnum)

3) Stinger monkey puke (4 inch)

4) Moonshine glow wonderbread (4 inch)

5) Fishlander glow cracked ice (magnum)

These 5 spoons put alot of fish in the box by 8 a.m. After that, I start going to flashers, or switching to other non-glow spoons. I have an old orange flutter spoon that smacks the rainbows, but not a top 5 spoon.

Hope this helps.:thumb:

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I'm with Jon, though I don't have the blueberry muffin and lemon berry, but I have heard a lot of good about them.

I typically run the following somewhere in the spread:

Flounder Pounder

Frog (anything) or Mongolian Beef, which is almost the same kind of idea

Mixed Veggie

Lemon Ice or Lemon Machine

Anything blue and green (dolphin, GLF spook, etc etc).

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NBK, mixed veg, caramel dolphin, blue dolphin, green dolphin, moonshine happee meal, Michael Jackson, fireball on a 5 color is alway good, monkey puke, Kevorkian, moonshine flounder pounder and a whole bunch more that I can't think of right now.


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I am adding to my spoons. I need some suggestions. What are your top 5-6 spoons? Maybe top 10. Glow, uv, whatever you like the best. Whats the best size to use?

Jim, Welcome to the site. Take a monument and fill out your Profile location, that will help to answer questions for you area.

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I live threads like these because it seems everyone does well on so many different lures. My top 5 from last year were...

1. Pro King - black/white rotten bananna with green ladderback

2. Pro King - black/white rotten bananna with raspberry ladderback

3. Moonshine Bloody Nose

4. Moonshine Dancing Anchovy

5. Pro King gold over black aka MGD

This year I ran more Pro Kings than anything else, especially in the dark when I normally would run Moonshines. The PK with the green ladderback, I ran four of those at one point during the Brew City tournament. They did well enough to get me in a money spot.

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I fish mostly afternoon/evening trips... might make a difference

1. Moonshine Flounderpounder

2. Moonshine Mongolian Beef (Green)

3. Moonshine Green Jeans (was hot this summer)

4. DW Blue dolphin

5. Moonshine Bloody nose

All in the Magnum size

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Depending on which side of the state/which boat we'll be on:

East Side(Alpena Area) :

SilverStreak Screwballs(black or silver)


Orange crush or double orange crush

Flutter spoons

Tin cans and spinners

West Side(Michigan City, Holland all the way north to Frankfort)

Any Flounder Pounder

Dolphins of any sort

Mongolian Beef

Green coyote/Green Spin DR- Green fly

These baits are an absolute must during the summer months for us.

These baits are go to baits, in any situation

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I agree with the advice to buy 10 area 51s. It is always my best fish catcher.

Add ET, mixed and freakin veggies, blue and green dolphins and you are in business.

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