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Gander Mountain roller rods

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A local gander mountain is closing and clearing out all sorts of fishing gear. A Gander Mountain roller rod got my eye and I was wondering what people had to say about them for the price paid.

I am able to get 8'6" aftco roller rods for $67 a pop...

What do you guys think?

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Only downfall is theydont have gimbal butts. They roll over in the holders and tje line rides on the plastic. Really isn't an issue if you pay attentoon. My biddy uses a small bungee to keep in the holdet and upright.

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so now a question i know some one has asked...

when spooling wire start off with some mono for the non slip to the arbor.

now this is my question....

can you get away with using braid as a filler before the wire or is that asking for problems?

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