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I've been chasing salmon since day one...1967 in Platte Bay with my father in a 16' open boat with "twin" Evinrude 10hp outboards. Waiting in line FOREVER to launch and "helping" the boat over the shoaling at the Platte River mouth to get into Lake Michigan. Long lines and silver U20 flatfish were the norm. A year later we had a portable paper graph and downriggers made from strap steel and machine pulleys. I'm thinking the cannonballs were elevator weights.

Today I'm a fair weather, recreational fisherman. I have no need to beat myself or my equipment up to get a fish. If we meet on the water, I'll likely give way to your boat as I'm there for the fun and relaxation of the activity and not there to ruin your day (or mine). I run a 30' Sea Ray and have boated/fished exclusively in Ludington Michigan for the past 13 years. My wife and I try to take at least one boat trip per season to Lake Michigan ports throughout Michigan and Wisconsin. We hope to expand the cruising range in retirement in a few years.

When you're in Ludington, stop by the marina or give me a shout on the VHF, I'll not hesitate to share what I know (or don't know).

Jim (& Kathy)

"Play Dough"

Harborview Marina

Ludington Michigan


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I and my family spend as much time as we can up in ludington and enjoy the area ,some day hope to find a house near lake Hamlin and enjoy more of our summer time there.

I will look you up if we make it out on the big lake.


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If you ever venture over to Milwaukee, Let me know and welcome to the site.

Port Washington is as far south as we've gotten on the Wisconsin coast. I've started a new blog to document this year's activities. It's a work in progress but if anyone wants to look in this season, the address is: http://pdboating.blogspot.com. Time will tell how involved I get with this little project.

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Jim, I like your Blog. The Play Dough is a nice ride.:)

This is our 9th year with this boat. We enjoy it. It's a comfortable weekend retreat that provides a decent fishing/cruising platform. There are certainly better fishing boats and better cruising boats but this is a real nice compromise between the two and we thoroughly enjoy both activities.

I'm still learning what I can do with the blog. It could be a fun project...or a pain in the butt. I'll find out soon enough.

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