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Sunday afernoon rabbit hunt

silver one

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With no Ice to go ice fishing My son and I were boared out of our minds yesterday now that the lions are done for the year, decided to take advantage of a cool sunny, snowy afternoon and chased some bunnys. we ended up with 8 total and my son shot these three after pumping a whole box of shells threw his gun. 40 acre proporty across from our house was logged off a year ago and the tops were cut and put into hundreds of brush piles making it a bunny haven. here is zach with his 3.


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Sounds like you and Zach had a great time.

Who played beagle and stomped the brush piles?

Funny you should ask that becuase as I was jummping from pile to pile I remember thinking My dad use to make me do the pile jumping when I was zachs age. Being that he is only 13 I did not want him jumping on a snow covered pile with a gun in his hand and try shooting rabbits at the same time so I did the dirty deed. I wont lie it was quite a work out over a period of 4 hours but I have more fun watching him and remembering the excitement level I use to have at his age. Nothing more fun then a rabbit hunt to a 13 year old boy who love hunting and fishing.

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