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I think it depends on how much you will be using your boat i have talked to 3 guys that run the coated cable they all said blowback is a issue but a heaver ball fixed most of it .

Not one said thay have had to replace the cable One was goign on year 5 with t he same set up.

One did say he lost the probe but i belive that might have been his fault the way he was talking

I think if your out all the time the investment into the fish hawk is worth it however for weekend warriors im not sold on the extra funds

Best of luck


I am sure that lots of us have lost a probe, including me. It happens when you least expect it . It can be a kick in the pants but it will make you learn another lesson out on the big pond.

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I swapped out the 840 for my Depth Raider and sold off all of the components years before the X4 came out.

I've seen the X4 on other people's boats and it appears that FH has addressed all of the issues I hated about the old model, but I still have no plans on switching back. I like the DR, coated cable and all.


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Yup. The first one that came out was called the GTM40. I still use one of those today. They work great.

Fishhawk has one now too which looks pretty slick.

PS, DepthRaider will have a new thinner cable and antenna available by April. They have also ran the coating inside of the cable now and the out side of the cable will be stainless wire.

Also, they told me about another new upgrade that should be ready by fall that we all will like.

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So I have been pondering the same question.....if, when and which unit to invest in as a fishing tool; FINALLY chose the Fishhawk X4. Very nice unit so far...mounting it on my 18 foot Lund, and the one issue is where to place the transducer. The Outdoorsman (where I purchased it) recommended (as does the installation manual) placing it on the opposite side of my transom from my Lowrance HDS 5 transducer.

I have my Lowrance mounted on the left side of the transom on a mounting plate, main engine on center, kicker engine on the right. If I place a mounting plate for the X4 on the right side, it almost has to go between the main and kicker engines. I am concerned that this could create interference with turbulent water from the kicker at least for the surface speed transducer (which isn't all that critical), but if it does mess with the probe signal, I have mounted a plate that is useless. I am thinking of mounting the display and wiring next to the right side rigger, crossing the transom with the wiring and giving the transducer a try on the same plate as my Lowrance. Worst case I can add the second plate later with very little effort if it doesn't work out.

Any input or lessons learned from other X4 & small boat users?

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I went with a depth raider and like someone mentioned I dont know how I fished without one. The Depth Raider is a tried and true piece of gear, and came recommended by several people whose opinions I trust. I am sure fish hawk makes a great product, but I prefer to give my money to a local business.

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