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Stainless Steel Rod Holders

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I'm looking to put some stainless steel rod holders along the underside of my radar arch. 12 is how many I need. Does anyone know anyone that makes custom fabrication or some good examples of pictures? I'm not thinking traxstech or Bert's custom rod holders. I want something chrome or stainless steel color. My boat is a 31' Tiara. Any ideas are appreciated.




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William, VN rig there.:thumb: You could use a standard 7/8 or 1 inch Stainless rail and standard hardware fastened under the arch. The rail could be bent to the contour. The SS rail would match your bimini hardware. Standard clamp on Stainless rod holders could then be added. I made SS trees and a rocket launcher for my Hardtop Islander. If you don't like the clamp on rail type SS rod holders they make some that weld on also. If you like the clamp on holders a canvas shop could probably instal the rail. The rail could be supported a few places along it's length. If you decide you want a full custom set up Bob Keitzman from Bay City MI may be able to help you. If you contact him tell him Priority1 Frank recommended him. Frank from Calumet Marine may also be able to help. He would be a lot closer to you.


Here is a pic of some trees I fabricated using 7/8 standard ss rail, 2 inch ss exhaust tube, and some custom made fittings for the gunnel and hardtop.


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I have been looking to do the same on my 29 Tiara. There are a lot of options out there for you. if you are willing to spend the money I have found some places that will do custom rocket launchers. I have been quoted $2000-3000, hence the reason i do not have them! I have also found some decent ones on ebay but just not sure exactly what I want to do. I have been looking at 29 and 31 Tiaras for sale through out the country just to see what others have done.

Here are a couple quick ebay searches:


this is a seller i have had my eye one his stuff


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This link has everything I want. I'm looking for the bar to be curved under the bottom of the radar arch. If that can be done, then I will have to see if the price is right.


Thanks for the insight!!!!!

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I also own a 31 tiara and had a custom rocket launcher made for my boat by a man named Jim Dearborn who lives in either holland or grand rapids . You wont find a better looking rocket launcher anywhere and I knoew for years he was the person doing all of tiaras custom fabrications. I dont have his number but I believe if you look up his name you should be able to find it or call tiara and I'm sure they can give it to you also if I remember correctly he was listed as towers unlimiteed. Hope this helps.

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