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Hey guys and Gals,

I just rebuilt the JP Slammer web site :grin: Check it out it has some good links including GLF and a fishing report I am going to try to keep it up to date as possible , i am also working on getting pics of the new colors for 2012 and possibly an on line store. :thumb:

Thanks to all who supported us this year we are looking forward to serving you in the next year!

Jimmy www.jpslammer.com

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thx for the feed back i will fix the miss spell i went thru it twice and found most of them, Dave you can run them both ways but pulling from the big side you need troll faster 3.0 or faster. They have a much more aggressive swim that way. jimmy

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Michigan sunset,Modified mi. sunset Mixed veggies,Modified mixed veggies,NBK,Killer green glow,Lemon lime ice glow.These spoons have been great for us on most days. If you are interested in some spoons just pm me. thanks jimmy

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