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Anyone buy those new spring loaded tip ups yet? I saw them for the first time on TV last night. The fish grabs the bait and when the flag goes off the hook is set. They caught my interest a little bit but I fish for steelhead with tip ups and they tend to drop the bait alot. They will pull just enough to spring the flag then you have to wait a couple of minutes before they take off with the bait. They really look awesome but I think that I would lose more fish than I caught.

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It might be where or how I fish for steelhead through the ice but I have seen slammers miss fish at least 4 of 5 times. I think that they work good in deep water but I seldom fish over 10 feet of water. Most of the time I am in about 3 feet of water. The steelhead give the bait (spawnbags) a tug drop it then wait a couple of minutes before hitting it hard. Another issue with slammers is that most of the time I am fishing it is about 10 degrees or less out. Holes freeze up fast in that temp.

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