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I have off shore board and put flags on them. Then i order the 4 inch light sticks from Glow Works. I get the better quality ones not the cheap ones. Last time i got a bag of a hundred they were like 15 cents a piece. I then ziptie the glow stick to the flag arm going upright. This is the best thing i have found yet. They are really bright and you dont have to search for that little light when they are out a ways from the boat. Here is a link to the ones i have been buying. they have gone up some since the last time i bought them: http://gloworks.com/pdshop/shop/item.asp?itemid=1340

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I was going to go lights but then a buddy of mine came on board and put some of that highly reflective D.O.T tape on the board.(the white stuff) I kid you not, if you look to the side with a hat light or get a small set of LED spreader lights and point them to the side they light up like a beacon. I taped all 7 sets and love them, try it you may like it.

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Speaking of reflector tape I have it all over my boat trailer and even on the back of my boat. It may make you more visible going down the road at night. Even unhitching the trailer and leaving it in a parking lot, it's a lot more visible with the reflector tape.

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