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Hit the Todd Farm, my hunting place of last resort, as I had one more vacation day to burn. Buddy with 4 hours comp time decided to join me.

We set way too many decoys (like 300) and only had one three pack of geese work us, but 15 yards is 15 yards and none made it out.

Nice day, the ducks flying at sunset were amazing.....

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what is the limit on geese in MI?


I know the feeling of setting up may decoys with no or little payout.

its nice getting out and all but I hunt on the mississippi in MN river and it takes lots of effort to get set up... especially if you don't get anything.

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Early season is 5.

Regular season is 2.

Managed areas are 2, I think. Some may be one, but I think all are 2 now.

Late season is 5.

Todd Farm being a managed bit the limit is 2 each. It used to be one - one day I wasn't even done setting my decoys and had a loner come in, stuffed a round in the chamber and dropped him - was back in the HQ within 20 minutes of shooting hours starting.

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