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2011 Totals


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With the year winding down I figured my totals for a great year. Chinook Salmon 132 biggest fish was 30 pounds. Coho Salmon 16 the biggest fish was 14 pounds. Pink Salmon 21 the biggest fish was 22 inches, mabey 3 pounds. Pinook Salmon 5 the largest was about 5 pounds. Steelhead 77 the largest was 13 pounds 4 ounces. Brown Trout 12 the largest was 20 inches all were released. Brook Trout 26 the largest was 18 inches and all were released. Atlantic Salmon 5 the largest 7 pounds 8 ounces. Lake trout 3 the largest was 7 pounds. I might get a few more steelhead before Jan 1 mabey two or three more trips.

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Come on up. I will be out on the ice January 1 and I will let you catch the first steelhead of the new year. Last year I caught 3 of them on January 1 so the odds are pretty good. My good year was with alot of help from some friends with boats as I am boatless. I also did very well ice fishing and fall shore fishing. My largest coho and two largest kings came from shore fishing. It is a bonus when you live less than a mile from some hot shore fishing spots. In the fall it is work, fish, eat, fish, sleep, fish, fish or something like that. I hope that your boat is getting real close to being ready to splash.

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