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Hit a private field Friday morning quickly before my buddy had to get to work. Shot 4 times and killed 4 mallards, 2 each, and then bailed with birds working to let the field rest for today, when there would be better weather and we could stay longer.

This morning nothing early, and then the ducks started bombing the spread. I decided to shoot the 20 pump and told my friend that we'd have a bunch of 40-50 yard shots and he would be busy backing me up. First flock I dumped two drakes DOA at 25 yards - sweet - my first double of the year and it's with my old school Mossy 20.

A goose did come in right at 40 yards straight up after that. He hit it, so I tried (shooting back up with a 20!) and then he dumped it clean. Left a huge crater in the field.

We dropped two more ducks, then the geese really started moving, and shunning us, again. Finally had a group look hard and broke 4 off, got them feet dragging on the ground at 15 yards. I love having big geese fooled and just waiting to throw the blind open on them. Ducks are cool, but they seem to come easier, so they are not as special for me. Throw open the blind and miss, @#[email protected]#, don't get too many late season chances on close geese especially with the little pop gun. Pull up on a different bird and rocked him clean, then missed again. See 2 on the ground so my buddy is done on geese.

Had another flock of mallards come in, I got one, then he hit one that sailed and I managed to drop it clean at 50 yards. So I can't hit ducks at my feet, can't hit geese at my feet, but can stone a sailing duck. Interesting.

Truck was not making it back through the now slimy and covering everything clay, and not wanting to sit for one maybe goose, we started hiking out through the gumbo, only to watch ducks work the spread and two geese glide right over. Oh well.....

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