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Public land 8 pointer

Mushy's Dad

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Thanks guys!

I cant wait until I can get my boy Mason out there, he is very excited about hunting.

On my drive into work this morning, I took the long route past the public land and I see my brother in law out there hunting the same area we have been hunting. Just minutes after I drove by he calls and tells me he got a nice doe !!! Now I am sitting at work just itching to be out there on such a nice morning.

Good luck to all.

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Last week I wrote that the brother in law shot a "good size" doe as I was on my way to work. Well come to find out..... Good size is a bit of a stretch in any sense of the word. Since we have hunted together for quite some time, it was only appropriate to give him the business.


I am glad he has a good sense of humor. We laughted about it most of the Thanksgiving weekend.

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