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Springbrook Co-Op Deer Camp


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We had another great deer camp this year, just cut shorter than most due to my buddies work schedules. On opening day, I saw a lot of does and 4 bucks I let walk. My buddy Rick watched this nice 9 pt bed down 200 yards from his stand around 10:00AM. He got down and made a nice stalk and got him with a 60 yard shot.


I got a doe in bow season but I haven't shot a buck in a few years although I've had plenty of chances. I let a nice 2-1/2 year old 8pt and 10pt walk last season and maybe this buck was one of them. He had a similar rack only a lot nicer this year.


I spotted him following a doe at 11:30 on Wednesday. He stopped behind some brush about 70 yards out. I had him in the scope and 2 steps forward and I had a shot. We had a 10 minute stand off but it gave me some time to settle my heart down. He stepped back and not forward but turned and started coming my way. He came close enough for a bow and then turned broadside and I took the shot and nailed him. I'm glad I didn't rush a long distance shot. With the split brow tine and a kicker, he's got 13 points.


We have really seen some good results in the Springbrook Co-op. We have been letting little bucks walk for 5 years now. Even though each of us doesn't always shoot a buck each year, we have always got our deer meat shooting some does. It is great to see the nice bucks that are growing older. Voluntary trigger restraint pays off. Everyone in our camp has shot a least one very nice buck since we have started. Still a lot of time for hunting, I'll be looking for another doe for the freezer. Good luck!

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We tried in the 90's for 2 years and after watching numerous bucks cross the fence and get whacked, we gave up. Back in those days, we always get our bucks. sometimes 2 of them but most were scrawny or small basket racks. Typical 1-1/2 year old deer. Then some dedicated guys got the co-op started 5 years ago and 2 of our neighbors got in with us and it has been getting better ever since. Our neighbor on the 3rd side joined 2 years ago. Now that others are seeing the results, more people are joining and it is getting bigger.

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