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All right guys its time for the lure report from everyone


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Im getting to like big lake fishing more and more and deer hunting less every year. With the gun opener coming near us its time we talk some SALMON FISHIN'. Pick a one or two colors of a spoon, plug, flasher, flies and meat rigs teaser.


Regular size stinger extend glow wonder bread

Stingray Black killer

Plug silver hoard number 5 green glow with a black latter back

Green glow number 4 with a black latter back


8inch NBK prochip stinger flasher

8inch Super frog stinger flasher


Rapture trolling flies Hypnotist and Oceana

Meat rig

3 teaser in hypnotist was smoking on a john king double glow white mag meat head

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  • Warrior superglow blueberry muffin
  • Mag blue dolphin
  • aces high glow blue splatterback
  • Green 8 " fishcatcher with a green crinkle fly( what? did you guys think that these stopped catching a ton of fish?)
  • 8" spinny blue bubble with a dolphin fly(I am oldschool I know)
  • Funny thing this year I caught more fish on the Warrior flutter spoons than the larger ones and in Erieau steelheadin I did much better on standards

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This year more than any other the color seemed to matter in August for us. Anything yellow spin doctor was crazy hot. And normally I don't put hem out, but if you didn't you missed out.

Other than that the standards worked pretty well.

Spoons: coyote, lemon machine, modified blue dolphin, etc

Plugs - we too had a dead year on plugs

FF - Big weenie anything and a white paddle.

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Spoons: Fishlander - electric koolaid, Baker's Dozen - glow camo, SS - blue dolphin, DW - hot lobster

Flasher - Jalensky's custom hotspots

Flies - all hand tied, my favorite is an all little boy blue w/ clear fauceted glass beads aka "Pappa Pablo" and my version of Northwesten w/ ITO glow purple beads.

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Spinnies and flies didn't do much this year, other than a few kings on a 10" double white glow spinny with a purple mirage fly 40" behind it looking for lakers on a wire diver in the bottom 5'.

Plugs: the red back gold side thin fish took over 30 coho and steelies this year. Green back silver nailer plug was great in August. Stick baits in the channel took over 30 fish this year too.

Spoons: mag moonshine bloody nose and atomic melon, from late July up until the zombie fish were all through the channel. 150' down on a rigger in July, 25' back on a diver in September. Blue dolphin DW standard in April and May up high on a rigger....

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Best plug: A two tone glow orange plug with black ladder back. The bottom was a light orange glow and the top was a blaze orange. Looked a lot like a J-plug except for the single treble hook on it and the bead chain was fixed to the body by a flat blade.

I lost it to a spastic rainbow. I picked it out of the water while fishing off Sheyboygan and was broke off in nearly the same spot! I would like to replace it but I dont know who made it.

Any ideas?

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Spoons: mag hot lobster, glow yellowtail, moonshine mongolian beef

plugs: could only.catch fish on them when other people were on the boat

Flasher/flies: 11" glow/fishscale protrol w/ poofster BW fly and a frog sd w/ it-l-do yogurt fly were good

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Spoons were Mag. Glow Ludington this took close to 100 fish this year includeing a 19.9 lb steelhead and a 24 lb king, the other would be a Miami Dolphin in a mini size this spoon started out strong with cohos in april and ened up with steelhead in oct. They are both Silver Streaks

Flashers would be Lemon Iceicle spin dr with a green marage , and a Chrome glow frog spin dr. with a picked sun shine.

And as for plugs, size 4 wonder bread j-plug and a size 4 metalic supper man j-plug.

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