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2011 year eand total report

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Winterized the boat yesterday, so I guess that means 2011 is in the bag.

2011 total catch was 305 for 403 for 42 trips. 7.25 fish per trip.

130 kings

78 coho

77 lakers

17 steelhead

3 browns

our % of kings in the total bag continues to fall.

this is the most coho for a season.

laker and steel #'s are about the same.

overall size of the fish was up, esp lakers and steel. We failed to take any real big kings although we lost one that looked 25#. We did break the boat record for steel (14.7#) and coho (9.9#). Our lakers averaged apx 5#.

Best stat was fish/per/trip increased by 1 per trip over last 3 years avg.

Bait on the screen and in the bellies was up big time.

Overall a good year. Hopefully the coho plants (250k) in the Grand river in 2010 have continued. We need more kings planted in my opinion. Disappointed that I never got a finned clipped brown (vent fin)

of the 25k planted in Holland (2011) of the new Sturegon River strain or talked to anyone else that did. What was up with that???

Brown Blast is only 4+ months away.

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Good year, not done yet.

195/273, not bad considering my 4th trip out in the Four Winns was the the fourth of July weekend. I worked 34 days straight in May / June.

28 trips logged to date. We pretty much fished every chance we could and ended up fishing some really fun weather this year (B4K!).

12 browns. Only two good browns trips. After 40+ last year this was kind of sad.

85 coho. Had a week off in March with great weather, took the 14' out and limited 5 trips in a row. Only three matures around the piers this year, but there were 7.7 - 9.4#.

67 kings, including lots of 18-19, a couple 21's, a 23.5 and a 25.9#. We had twice this year quads on mature kings, both times in rough water with 3 people in the boat.

27 lakers, which I actually targetted on some trips this year. Andrea took a boat records 13.2# (I catch about 3 a year most years) 160' down on a rigger.

29 steelies. Had a couple good trips targeting them in the surf in the spring and even last week.

And two walleye we stumbled into salmon fishing, 9.4 and 10.4#.

Hoping to push that up to about 225 or so before we get iced in.

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Didnt keep track of percentage but I had a great year as we normally fish only 2 guys. 2 kings over 20# landed on my boat. Didnt get to fish after Sept 1st due to school. 1st trip of the year was a 10 fish limit in March and last trip was 12 fish with 2 release for 2 man limit Sept.1st.

Fished 4 ports (SH, St Joe, Lud, Manistee)this year and limited out 3 of 4 the 1st trip!

Great year and new boat is a fishing machine for a 17 footer.

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I really don't believe anyone who got serious about fishing had bad numbers. We are seeing more and bigger fish in all species which is good. The east side is rebounding nicely too. Both North L Huron and N L Michigan gave up some good fish. I caught my first monster Coho in awhile at 14 pounds 2 oz and minutes after landing that one I caugnt a female chinook that went 30 pounds on the nose. Boltman you need to get that boat in the water or throw the skunk out of it.

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