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My first ever Turkey!


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My dad asked if I wanted to sit in the woods and hunt turkey with him yesterday evening. How could I resist. He put me in a stand at the edge of a harvested bean field. I was faced into the woods when I looked over my shoulder and saw a bird. It was about 100 yards out and I was pretty sure she couldn't see me. I never thought she would come towards me, but she did. At about 30 yards, I took the shot.

My first turkey ever.


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Awesome, congrats on the first turkey.

16 lb would be an absolute monster of a hen, you sure it wasn't a jake?


I guess it could have been a jake. The 16 lbs was just an estimate from the landowner, we never actually weighed the bird.

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How does wild turkey taste dudes? I've never had it before.

Tasted mild compared to store bought but not too gamey for me. I put the breast in the rotiserrie with a coating of olive oil for about four hours. It was very good. Had some great sandwiches for a week. The legs went in for a soup. I liked the breast meat better.

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Wild Turkey is way better than anything you get at Meijers. Problem is if you are like alot of hunters you will have about $250 invested in a wild turkey before you even put it in the oven. Don't get me wrong turkey hunting is every bit as much fun as deer hunting.

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