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prop nut new to this site

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hi all you guys from Michigan

I am from the south end Illinois / Indiana state line area

I am retired steel worker now own and operate a boat shop in Illinois

that i hope to move to south west Michigan some time in the near future

so i can fish more and get stuck in traffic less

nice site you all have here thanks for sharing all your valuable information

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we are working on it rite now

there will be a period of having two places open

rite now the details are uncertain

but it looks like we have a great prospect

In Eau Clair Michigan (close to Benton harbor) but far enough away to avoid a lot of the problems we have in Illinois . We have already have started a small scale advertizing campaign and are working on leasing/buying some property

initially we are going to put some product up there and see what kind of traffic we can draw

I am getting to old to mess around it’s got to be now or never

any and all ideas are on the table I hope to hear from a lot of the members here on this site to hear what they need to earn their business I already have a lot of good customers up that way that i can depend on especially moving closer to them It wont make much if any differense to our on line store customers But to make a move with the economy the way it is these days its not going to be easy.

We are very conservative in nature and are proceeding with caution

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