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Fished Holland from 12:30 to 4 with my oldest and my dad.

Ended up 7/8, lost a steelie, 5 steelies, a brown and a king. Released them all as none was hooked too badly.

Also picked up a mallard someone shot a little too far back that was floating in Lake Mac.

Jet skiers were having a Memorial and we ended up running right through the roses that were floating on the lake. That was hard to explain to my kid.

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Yep. For browns and steelies I like running as close to the beach as I can. Figure the guys flipping spawn from shore can get them, so can I.

Sorry Dave Ash.....:lol:

This works better when there's a little chop, but it it gets too rough the waves will break and shove you all over. Also, if your boat stalls, you have no time to set an anchor.

If GH is an option I would head up there - the Grand gets 150k planted vs. 15-20 k at Holland and Saugy.

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Nothing beats a good spread on the surf I went 14 for 20 on 10/23 with three poles lined up about 30 feet apart on the surf on Sunday. THe big ones need some of that November weather to head in a little more. It was fun catching the little guys 16 to 22" back to back. I have heard of doing that with a boat and I might try it next year. That close and shallow leaves little room for error though.

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