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Quarter Midget Racing


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As you can probably tell by how little I have been around lately, my sons and I are going a different direction from salmon fishing. Last year they did not enjoy it at all, and that is part of the reason why I did not put the boat in the water this year. Something about getting up at 4am to go fishing.....is not for kids.

Anyways....We are now into quarter midget racing.

Hunters car is a 35" Nervo Extreme 02


Yes....its says "Kong" on the roll cage, but its an Extreme.

Wyatt's car is a 35" Nervo Kong


Hunter got to race in his first race 2 Sundays ago in Lansing.


Both boys will be racing this Sunday at the Little Kalamazoo Speedway. You can follow our adventures at www.heckmanracing.com

Quarter Midget racing is for kids 5-16 years old. Its FREE to watch if anyone wants to come.

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