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Geese are flying off the unit, but with the weather the ducks were flying. We ended up getting a field with a low spot and pull 4 mallards, a widgeon, and one goose that came just a wee bit too close.

Not sure what's up with all the geese leaving.

Corn is in the right spots and it just starting to get cut, things should only get better with more birds and the fields being opened up.

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Two man limit of mallards, bonus drake pintail, and a pair of geese this morning. Should have had a two man limit of geese but the last flock that came in came while the wind was down and landed on the other side of the decoys behind and off to the side.

Longest shot of the day was maybe 25 yards. Several times right after hours started we had birds walking between us and the spinnies, and they've got 30' of cable to them. Before we could pick out drakes we probably landed 100 ducks, landed at least a dozen more after we were limited on mallards.

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Went up solo today and picked a sleeper zone after the main draw. Had to work fast to get set up at hours, but it was worth it. For giggles I brought the old 20 pump with 2 3/4" 2 steel and an open choke.

Shot 4 mallards, a black, and a goose. Missed a goose as well - came in over the shoulder. All shots but one at less than 20 yards, shot the goose at 12 paces and one of the mallards at 7. Needless to say they are not very photogenic but I didn't have to do much chasing after the shots.

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