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Looking for river action in the Keweenaw

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I lived in the UP for quite a few years and fished many of the rivers around. If you are expecting the rivers to be like the ones off Lake Michigan then you will have way too high hopes. Lake Superior is mainly a Lake Trout fishery and an exceptional one at that but the number of salmon and steelhead is far diminished than that in Lake Michigan. Not to say you cant catch any but its almost always is SLOW. The Traverse pier was always referred to as the pier of 1000 casts. But really this time of year its prolly your best bet other than the drive down to the Falls River in Lanse. Also some of the rivers over by the Porkies are decent at times. Put your time in and you will catch fish but dont expect to set the world on fire.

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We still have 2 feet of snow in the Keweenaw woods so the rivers will run cold for another few weeks. The Eagle River is open but the lake ice begins at shore and extends out for miles. I have two day old reports of 36" of slush and ice on the Lake Superior bays between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. Plan on eating canned tuna for a while.

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