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Had a what may be the last trip of a AWSOME season this morning.

I set up in 240 fow on a N.W. troll around 9 am with Sea-Man and two good feinds onboard, and ended the morning around 1:30 going 24 for 28 with 11 steelhead, 5 coho, 2 lakers and 2 kings in the box and 4 litely hooked smaller kings released.Here is a pick of what took fish.


and these are as follows from top to bottom.

  1. Gold org. chilly willy size mini
  2. Mixed Veggies size mini
  3. Skittles size mini
  4. Lady bug HOT size mini
  5. u of m froggie size mini
  6. s.o.g. froggie HOT size mini
  7. Blue dolphin size reg.
  8. Blue mango size mini
  9. Miami dolphin size mini
  10. s.o.g. froggie size mini SMOKEIN HOTTT!
  11. not sure of the name of this spoon , but it resembles a kato only lighter green and it was a mag.
  12. and a margarita in a mini

All coppers were 32lb Blood Run. tiped with 30lb floro carbon.

and heres a pic. of the catch.


As I stated , even if this is the end of my season"kids have me way to bussie" it was AMAZEING!:thumb:

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Terry, it has been great reading your reports, I read your set-up from last year in early october and it produced well for us last weekend. That was my first time out in the fall and boy was it a blast. Way to end up a great year!!

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