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Out on Sunday from 12:30 until dark with the wifey and the boy. Started in 120 right out from the harbor. Worked out to 200 and stayed between 180 to 200. Trolled with the waves, zigged and zagged our way north, ended up 9 miles north of the harbor by the time we were done. We finished the day going 15 for 19, throwing a large shaker back.

This is what worked.

Green Flasher and Green fly combon both riggers 100 ft out and down 100, and 80 ft out 60 ft down. Seahawn BCBP and silver flasher behind a dipsy set on 3 and 167 loc. Wonder bread BCBP and wonderbread flasher behind other dipsy set on 3 and 210 loc. 4 planer boards with various lead core. 2 and 3 color no takers 5 and 7 color used dark green and white mag pro king spoons, both took several fish.

Once again the BCBP is the workhorse of the trip and the flasher fly combo working well too. Listened to the Brewers beat up the red birds in game one, I told my son Mason (mushy) that since the Brew Crew was ralling we should to and we took 3 fish in short order.... Awesome! Also had one fish that went kamikaze and ran into the prop, opps. We had steady action for the whole trip until dusk with a triple and quick followup single boating 3 out of 4. Every rod with glow in the dark fired with in minutes. We ended the day with 14 in the box.

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