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Another beautiful day on the water and another limit. Fished with a crew today so after 5 boxed we got to keep going. Riggers seem to be the hot ticket. Had a couple doubles including a double on dipsys. Braided Dipsy set 240 LOC, Mono at 265 LOC.

Riggers down 75’, 135’ (2 clr SWR), 65’ (3 clr SWR) and 100’. Worked 180-250 FOW. Really had to work hard for the last couple mixed in a lot of turns and has fish strike on the turn, noticed it was on the slow side. Speed at the ball was 1.9-2.2, temp was 59 surface, 56 down 75’.

Ran 3 Flasher/Flys and 3 Pro King Rotten Banana Raspberry Ladder-back spoons. No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel might as well give them what they want.

Very thankful for the weather, this is truly awesome. Had a great day, didn’t filet my finger again, nothing was broken either (knock on wood) Will be back at it tomorrow and possibly Sunday for the last trip of the year. If you can get out there and catch some fish!

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