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trying to realize a childhood dream

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Thanks to all of you who post on this site. I am new here, trying to get the information to realize a childhood dream. I grew up in Manitowoc and heard the WCUB fishing reports with lure names that sounded as tantalizing to me as the fish they were supposed to catch, always wishing I could be out fishing on the big lake. I river fished and got out on a charter a few times, but never got enough of that trolling.

I went to school and ended up in the middle of the state, 2 hrs from Ashland and 2.5 back to Manitowoc. My brother is still there, so I hope to stay with him and get some connections through him to get some hands on experience. My 3 boys are almost old enough to hold their own and I decided the time was right to take the plunge. So this fall I bought a 21 ft. Starcraft Mariner and started collecting equipment. Hopefully with your help, by spring I'll be ready to take the maiden voyage. There's a ton to learn and so far, I have enjoyed every bit of it.

Any tips you're willing to give, I'll gladly take, and Id'd sure appreciate any help with advice on fishing out of Manty.



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I myself am new to fishing the big waters. With that 21 foot boat you should be able to stand back and throw lots of Ben Franklins at it.. It is not a cheap passion to pick up. It seems a lot of the required equipment needed will last many years. dipseys.lead core, wire, Flashers, dodgers.

I just started fishing Lake MI in August and dumped 700 dollars right off the bat on tackle. But every penny was well spent. It is pretty peaceful 8-15 miles off the bank..

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Welcome aboard Matt. Lots of GREAT information has already been posted. Dont be afraid to ask a questions that may have been asked already. New members are constantly joining, and may not have wanted to reply to an old post with a new idea.

Give a shout if you need anything.

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Hey Matt, congrats on finding a great forum, and welcome. The charter guys I used to know in Manitowoc were all pretty informative and friendly. There's also another charter guy in Sheboygan, Sorry Charlie Charters that will help guide you locally and charter you for a great time and catch. But, the guys here are always the best to check with in the off-season months. Good fishing.

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welcome aboard matt ,when these guys say they are here to help they mean just that.all very eager to help with any question you may have. and the info that they give is outstanding so take advantage it and ask away.

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Hi Matt welcome

funny how it works out with those child hood dreams

Beware the fish is not the only one that gets hooked in this game?

little boys turn into men quicker than you think

then they want to borrow the boat and give it back with NO GAS IN IT !

LOL but you know thts OK!





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