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Wanted to get out before Hurricane “Take Off Der Hey†blows into town. Trolled NE in 80FOW from the main gap. Had a drive by in 120 FOW. Stayed 140-180 FOW and had success. Fished solo with 3 riggers. SWR down 50 took 2 had a green and white fly on a MTN Dew hot spot flasher, rigger down 55 took two more on a pro king rotten banana with raspberry ladder-back, and finally an aqua frog fly on a MTN Dew spiny down 100’ took a nice rainbow.

Really wanted to stay out and catch more but had my limit and wrapped the net around the kicker prop on the last one. The kicker is fine, however unless your marlin fishing the net is cashed. Oh well things happen, first solo trip of the year and it was nice, listened to some tunes, crushed two cans of diet pepsi and bagged a limit.

Will be out again maybe Monday morning as long as the lake settles down.

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