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Holland Sat PM

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Went out at 4:30 with the rain quitting as we set up in 120 and fish on the graph. Nice night on the water ending up 6 for 8. 2 steelies, 3 kings and a Laker that was returned.

Fish were in 125 FOW of water and deep - we had one rigger down 135 and the other at 100. Fish seemed to like Purple as Purple Nurple and Rasberry Dolphin each took multiple hits with one on a Glow Yellowtail on a 150 copper. We slid out to 160 for a bit and got a couple hits out there, but the graph was not as consistent.

Got a freind his first 2 big lake fish and he was all smiles after the second one gave him some fun at the back of the boat.:D

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