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Birthday dinner to remember

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So I take Squeaky out for her fifth birthday to a place she likes but I don't, as she has a postcard for a free ice cream cone on her birthday and this is a big deal.

We order, so far so good.

Soup comes, chicken rice with a 1/4" layer of fat floating on the top. Nasty. I go to set it on the next table and the fat spills over, all over our table. This took several trips to the bathroom to get enough towels to clean up. Amazing, none was spilled on us.

Waitress grabs the cup of soup from the other table without saying a word.

Food arrives, the stuff I asked not to have on my dish is all over my dish, no ranch for Squeaky. This seems to upset her. So I ask to have my meal made voer again, then give up and walk across the parking lot to a store and buy a bottle of ranch so Squeaky can have her food before it gets cold.

I get meal round two, which looks a lot like round one with the stuff scrapped off (and spit added I'm sure) and start to eat when the people next to us order the nastiest smelling fish ever. Game over, we're done.

Squeaky gets her cup cake to go, and we go to the Bunny Rabbit River, where she promptly ignores my warnings and plows head long into the poison ivy. We then leave, and put the Jeep in the ditch to avoid hitting someone towing a trailer full of dirt, black trailer, no lights, trailer taller than the truck. Drive out of the ditch, get home and fire up the TV to watch the B4K.

While Mr. Six Shooter did a great job, my kid's coverage was limited to a quick pan of the back of one of their heads. Could not even tell which one. At least they didn't put my ugly mug on there.

Go outside to get something from the Jeep, and step on the cup cake, which my girl didn't want - and gave to the cats. And that was the whole reason we went to this place in the first place.

Oh well, you only turn 5 once....

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Certainly sounds like an adventure of sorts. I'm with ya man. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. As bad as it sounds, you'll look back on this in years to come and I'd be you get a laugh out of it. Then when Squeaky is old enough you can tell her all about it.

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More great customer service:

we picked apples at Crane's on Saturday. $100 of apples, we go there to fill up for the winter, not to drive our IL plated SUV on gravel for the first time in 6 months and pick a couple apples and take pictures.

My kids (granted they have had manners drilled into them) were sitting on some pumpkins. The owner comes over, starts screaming about who's kids are these and all that. They're not running around, being rude, throwing stuff, but patiently sitting. Apparently one of the stems broke off and this is tragic to a pumpkin, or so I was told. I asked her to show me the broken off stem, and it was not to be found. I asked her to prove it was my kid that broke off the stem. No answer. So I said "just add both those pumpkins to the $100 in apples I just bought. Her jaw dropped and then she could not apologize enough.

My kids helped me carry all 150# of apples to the Jeep; no one there offered.

Go to dinner at a place that closes at 10. Get there at 9:30. Order some appetizers, not a meal, and the waitress obviously was not happy about it. Brings in the order and starts cussing to the cook staff, who start cussing loudly enough that we can hear it. So we're cold to her, leave at 9:58 and when settling the bill, I tip her $5 on a glass of wine and some garlic toast. I point out that "you could always lock the door earlier, but you've got $5 more in your pocket that you really didn't earn."

I think I'm going to order my apples on-line from now on....

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