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awesome fishing again yesterday afternoon on a 2:30pm-7:30pm trip. Group was from out of town and didn't want to keep any fish so we started in front of the harbor to try for a big "trophy." After an hour and a half with nothing to show for our efforts so ventured out deep. Lock and load action 80-120 with a mix of 2-3 year old kings and some cohos. After seeing how great the fish looked, they ended up keeping 8 to take home. I lost track of how many we threw back but we could have easily had our four man limit in just a couple hours of fishing.

White with UV spin doctor/aqua or mirage fly on 250 in 32lb, 300, 350, 400 in 45lb Blood Run coppers and 180 and 200 on wire divers. Same setup as well as Green Rattlesnake spinnie/green crinkle and a mag fuel spill proking also did pretty good on riggers from 70 to the bottom.

sorry no pictures, I was a little busy!

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