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Is everybody ready?


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Its awful close to the bow opener guys. Hope you all are ready :)

I'm pretty close myself. I'm heading out to pick up some arrows and all my licenses here in a minute. Other than that I'm pretty much ready.

I got a new place to hunt this season. I lost my place I used to hunt and I thought this season was going to be a bust. Then just a few weeks ago I recieved a really cool opportunity to hunt private land in jackson cty. We've been busy setting stands and preparing our spots ever since. Its a sweet spot. It's strictly managed under QDM rules. I can shoot all the doe's I have tags for, but I can't shoot any small bucks. In fact if I shoot one thats too small I have to pay a fine.

Don't know if I will be able to get a big one or not but they are there. Its pretty exciting just knowing a big one might come walking by at any time.

Hope everyone is as excited about the season as I am.

Hope you all have a great season!!!!

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