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Late report as I come to grips with the end of my fishing season. Fished Friday PM & Sat. AM out of Arcadia. Spent time both days as far west as 31 line, found 64 degree surface temp. Only took one steelie out there, could not make it happen. The fog both days made in shallow interesting Sat. was my first & only skunk of 2011. I have decided to take it as an omen and call it a year! I know the fall is great fishing but I must prioritize. Many projects have gone undone and hunting season is upon us.

2011 has been the most enjoyable fishing season of my life. Until this year I've never kept a log. I kept a weak one this year. I do not measure success by numbers of fish caught. It is all about quality time on the water. The fun times with family and friends is what has made this season special, some fish are a bonus as it adds to the "fun" and pleases the taste buds! New acquaintances made which will now be long time fishing buds/contacts has been another blessing to my year.

2011 Catch:

Steelhead - 4

Lakers - 5

Coho - 10

Kings - 44 (canned 40+ pints & smoked bunches)

Walleye - 60

Panfish - 860 (yes, the freezer is full)


Until the Chummer slices through the water again. The best to you all!

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Thanks for the report Chummer. That's funny though, I just called to see if you were going to be up around there this weekend. Guess we'll have to catch up next year, same time, same place. Til then......:thumb:

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