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Last weekend made it out and didn't have time for a report so sorry about that but we went 7 or 8 for 7 or 8. I can't remember that far back :rolleyes: but remember that we didn't loose any. Got to take an old friend I haven't seen in a long time out so that was nice and it was his first time salmon fishing; he had a blast! Mostly a flasher fly bite Mtn Dews, Blue Bubbles ran with Spinnies and 8 and 11" Protrolls. Hot set up was again the 11" clear blade PT that has UV tape and a blue fly that I tied behind it on a 56 rigger. Full core with Killer Dolphin also went a few times. Great day on the water we worked around 100 feet. Mostly 2 and 3 year old kings with a mean 16lber added to the mix

Now for today's report, we launched the boat around 7:15 I believe. Decided to set up in the river and troll out but it was a nightmare with people getting each others lines so we said forget this and pulled. Quite a few boats outside the piers and we saw lots of fish jumping so back down the stuff went. Nothing at all happened and talked to a guy I knew who said pick up and get outa there. Put down in 57 and immediately stuff started going. Started out with a double and then steady action from there on out. Throughout the day we worked 70-90 and targeted 45-60 feet down. One plug bite, a few fish on full core with Killer Dolphin and all else were F/F bites. Riggers from 50-60, dipseys set on 2 out 175 and 182 did the damage. Same colors as well Mountain Dew, Green Dolphin, Blue Bubble, and Mirage flies. SD's did most of the damage but the Protrolls boated a few as well. Ended up going 9 for a bunch, I lost track. Some of the losses may be to another new guy on board but I could care less, we had fun. All 2 and 3 year old eater kings and we lost a steelhead. Past few trips have been fun ones:thumb:

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