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Another fine hunt

Adam Bomb

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Scouted a bunch last night, didnt see a bird flying or around any of the water i normally see them on. Seen a few in one location, but that was pretty much it. So, i was a bit dumbfounded as to what to do this morning since we were gonna hunt. So, we just decided on the field we hunted tuesday morning. Set up there and seen some EARLY, im guessing kicked off the roost. A few more small flocks off in the distance, nothing major, pretty slow. Had a pair come in eventually and we both killed one. About 10 minutes later we had another small group come in and i killed two and my dad wiffed.("Shoulda got a benelli Dad!!!" -its an inside joke we have):lol: Its now 8 am. Never seen another bird the remainder of the morning. We bagged em up at 10 and headed outta the field. Another great morning of cupped and locked with the ol man...life is good.:)




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