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Gorgeous morning

Adam Bomb

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Welp, it was a gorgeous morning to be out in the field. Got the decoys set and we settled in the standing corn. Not much early activity and then around 7:30ish we heard the first shots to the east. Someone was on the X and got some great shooting with several pounding volleys. Finally around 8 my Dad heard a honk and to the east there was a pair. I gave a few contented clucks and they locked on and glided in the entire length of the field. Banked right into the pocket picture perfect and when their toenails were dragging the stubble Jeff and Chris laid the hammer down and we had two birds in hand. Turns out that was Chris' first goose ever, so congrats to Chris. Unfortunately that was all the action for us this morning, but still a great time never the less. A few birds bowed up and good company, ill take that any day. Thanks for the invite this morning Jeff, much appreciated.



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