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Muskegon wed. night

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Fished for only about a hour and a half. 3 King salmon hit Landed only 1 tonight but it was worth it. My 13 year old son caught her full of spawn and a sreamer WOW what a fish. 50 ft of water on a glow in the dark Diamond King spoon High line snap wght. Had another big fish break the line lost a dipsey chrome dodger and chrome with red head J=plug she hurt me......Dad was at Croton the fish are hitting the dam it wont be long season will be over.

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Season never ends. It's just harder to troll in the ice. It was dead calm and 45 on 12-4 last year and we went 5/5, 2006 we went out on New Years and got two browns.

Sorry for the thread jack

What kind of spread do you run when its really late in the year? Do you just look for warmer water? Do you fish the beach?


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