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Muskegon tuesday night

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Fished untill dark and then some. Had 5 Chinook Salmon hit . Landed 3 . The wind would not give us a break, Had to fish the channel and sand docks, Lots of boats, But it was fun............... Glow in the dark J=Plugs 20 down took 3. Lime green took 2 ...........

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I was fishing my j plugs 25 down and 30 ft back(scaley green) and caught 3 in the channel and lost 3 at the sand docks.Saw alot on and marked alot at the sand docks but we didnt do that great.37 down in the sand docks was the best for us and a couple guys I told to.

gl Randy

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It looks like the wind is going to force me to combat fish Muskegon, too. At least for the next couple of days.

How far down and how far back were you running your J-plugs in the Muskegon channel?

Thanks for your help.

You want to check for weeds as often as you can before you get sick of it. 20 down as close as 10 ft
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