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Mercury paint problem

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I'm looking for some help on a problem with the paint on my 2003 150 Optimax.

The dealer put some unprotected banding tape around the skeg of my motor two years ago when they shrink wrapped my boat and the wind and vibration over the winter wore the paint off of my skeg.

The dealer has painted my skeg several times, but the paint keeps washing off. They have assured me that they are using the correct paint, but I wonder if there is a special aluminum primer that they need to be using?


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Sounds like they are not wet sanding the old finish and priming it with the right stuff,I have painted for years auto and now spoons and if you don't do it right it will just come off.Are they clearing it ??

Not sure, but I'm going to ask more specific questions about cleaning and priming when I take it in this year for winterization this year.

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