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Throttle in Neutral Button Help

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1987 Merc 70 hp outboard with quiksilver controls.

I cannot get my button to push in that allows me to give the engine throttle in neutral. I often need to push this in to give gas to get engine started.

Never had a prob til trying to start in dark last week. I cant get it to go in no matter what but rest of controls work fine. I had to pop engine cover and manually give throttle. Button cover is plastic and not broken. I can pull it off. Any ideas?


With button off


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There were two styles in the quick silver throttle assembly. one is electric. and the other is mechanical. If it is the mechanical then there is a keyed slot that is not linning up as sometimes they breake free when advancing the shifter inside the throttle. If it is electrilc then you are simply just not getting power to the switch. Yours looks mechanical and I belilve the first of the two. If you can pull it apart and see the actual outer insert that goes around the button look for a slotted key of some type and see if it has broken free from the housing that holds it in place. Being a 97 you might just want to replace it.

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We had a similar problem with an old motor. Sometime when we would throttle back something would not aline correctly and when we would try to start the motor, we would have to play with the throttle while trying to push the bnutton in. And the when it did push in. We would return the handle to idle while holding the button in. We sold the boat and never did sorrect the issue as they said it would require a new throttle shift lever.

Good luck

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