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When and where to catch salmon?

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Hey! New here.

I'm from Florida and have never fished for salmon in my life, but have always wanted to. I recently moved to Shawano Wisconsin, and want to target em. I'm a bass fishin aficionado, and have been doing it for years. I don't have a boat, and I was wondering if yall could help me with a few thing.

When do salmon come near piers and into rivers? What are some simple tactics I can use to catch em? Can I use a bass baitcaster for em?

If anyone knows the area of lake Michigan around green bay well, could you help me with finding some good areas? :thumb:

Thanks for any help! Let me know if you need any more info that'll help you guys out in answering my question.

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I am from Michigan and spend MANY of nights fishing the piers.

What I do know is it is a TIMEING GAME here....

Watch the weather... Big wind, rain, cold, ect will trigger the fish to come in.

Fish at night... with glow spoons or J-13 rapalas till about 8 or 9 am then go home.


I have seen people use Bait casters, but they get broke off alot. Go with a GOOD spinning reel with 20 pound PP and a 12-15#Floro leader.

Rods are important too. I use an 8'6 Gander mountian steelhead rod. The longer rod will help you cast farther.

terminal tackle- USE GOOD SNAP SWIVELS.

a net with a long handle to get your fish up on the pier is a must

The next part is on you.. and that is do be dedicated enough to get up at 2 am to head to your local pier and get a spot. I am unsure of how busy the piers are in WI, but if you do not get up early here, you wont get a spot. The end and the Lake side end are generally the best. If you need any more help please feel free to contact me or post more questions.

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used to fish piers of oscoda 30 years ago, sundown to sunset worked the best for us, sad that fishery is gone, glow cleos, harbor beach also, used to really kill em. looking to do some wall fishing this year, alot of people fish Manistee, thought about that, might be going up next week, fished with boat a few weeks ago, done well. Do they wall fish out of Frankfort?

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