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What a great few days of fishing. Started fishing Thursday night, and every morning there after until Sunday 8/28. We should have definitely had more fish to the boat, we lost too many fish after long battles. Just glad we had the action.

Thursday started about 6pm 100-175 fow,

-3 fish with in the first 45 minutes of fishing on the 250 45# blood run copper with a black spinnie and a moo moo meat rig trailing.

-Happy meal on a DR 80' took 3 hits

-Silver Horde white plug with blue dots took 2 hits on a DR 75'

-Big white paddle with a UV meat rig 220 out on the dipsy took 1 hit

-and then a black/white glow spoon, moo moo look a like took one hit on the 175 CU

Ended the night 6/10


-modified moo moo meat rig took 3 hits dipsy #3 no ring 150-220 out

-moo moo took 3 hits

-dream weaver green/yellow glow plug on a DR 81' down took 1 hit

-happy meal on a DR 80' down 1 hit

- UV meat rig out 240 on the mag dipsy took 1 hit

ended the day 3/9 (BRUTAL- :geoff: ???? were you there?)



-moonshine's green jeans took 2 hits on a DR 75 & 85 down

-big white paddle/white fly took 3 hits on a DR 85 down

-modified moo moo meat rig took 2 hits on the dipsy 165-250 out

-green glow spatter back on the 9 color took 2 hit

-moo moo meat rig took 5 hits on the 250' BRC with a black spinnie

-UV meat rig on the mag dipsy took 2 hits 160 & 170 back

-black hootchie with a green/white fly behind it on 175' copper took 1 hit

-the scarpaci meat plug took a hit on a DR 85' down

I believe we had one or 2 more hits that weren't recorded. Ended the day 10/19ish, the 10 we had stuffed the cooler. Anymore fish and we would not have had room, NICE BIG BOX OF HAWGS!



Can't remember all of the details, as it was a fire drill from about 6am - 830am going 10 / 15 with 2 doubles and a triple. I think the fish were a bit higher in the column today. But here's what worked anyway.

-big white paddle with a white/blue glow fly on a DR down 54', multiple hits

-moonshine's green jeans started the day on a dr about 60' down.

-moo moo on the blood run 250' CU with 2 hits

-modified moo moo meat rig on a dipsy no ring on a #3 back 165 took multiple fish

-happy meal on the 125' CU took 2 hits

-black white squiggle #4 jplug on a 9 color took a few rips.


It was cool, we were fighting those fish on the triple, I looked over to my 2 buddies and said this is what it's all about! we got 2 out of the 3 :o I had a great time over the course of the last few days.

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