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2 Man Limit Port Sheldon 8-26 AM

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Fished out of Port Sheldon 8-26 AM and went 11/13 tossed a 7 lb King back in after landing our last double to top out a 2 man limit of all Salmon ranging from 7-15 lbers. Fished south of the channel in 84-96 FOW, most fish came either SE or NW trolls. We did pick up fish on East and West trolls also. Riggers and Dipsey's were the ticket. Targeted 53 foot down on riggers that work best. Fast troll 2.8-3.2 SOG or 2.2-2.8 at the ball. Early morning was glow spoons all mags like Flounder Pounder, Double Trouble, later Green Froggie, Monkey Puke, late morning switched to orange or green spoons and flies. We had 2 doubles and landed both, so I'm proud of my friend Bob Sterks and I handlin' some mean fighting 2 and 3 year olds. Bite as good on blue/green flies, and later anything orange, or green combinations. We filled the cooler with almost 90 lbs of fish! Great day, and I can't thank my friend Bob enough, we both worked hard and had a blast. Can't say enough how much fun and I will long remember this day!:thumb:

PS the sink was full to the top with Salmon Gold! Live Well, Fish Hard.




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