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Hi everyone. Been fishing western Lake Erie (Pelee Island)for Walleye the last couple of years and been having fun. Now I'm looking to try some Rainbow and Salmon out of Erieau or Wheatley area. I came here to do some research on equipment and techniques for these guys. I'm out of Essex county area, so any tips on the best places or types of equipment to buy will help a lot. Will shop Detroit and surrounding area as well. So far been a lot of info.

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I have been fishing Wheatley about once a week......the fishing is unreel:grin: The lastest we have gotten off the water with our limit is 3 o;clock. I have been running a six rod spread two lead (different lengths) 2 riggers,2 dipsies on braid.Any questions you have just ask. I love to help people out and share my program.

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