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Well monday 8/22 wrapped up our last day in Frankfort. We were extremely pleased with yesterday's cooler weighing in a beautiful 27lb king and 4 19's. We really didnt expect to be able to top that.. but top that is just what we did.

Monday morning we set in the same spot we had fished all weekend. 80fow between the herring hole and the pier heads. It was great because there were 300+ boats north near the saddle and no more than 10 even close to us. The before light bite was non existant for us. We were beginning to get a little nervous when old faithful went off. 100back on 1.5 with a green coyote and a green fly. This was just the beginning... We boated 6 fish in the next hour, including several cohos. As it got a little later we headed away from our 80ft and went out to 120-130. Rigger set at 63 with a ratchet jaw moonshine plug pops, after a very fun 25 minute fight we put the biggest king of the trip in the box.. 28lbs.

We ended the morning fishing the scum line for coho. We finished around 10 with 6 coho 3 kings and a steelie. Our smallest coho was 9lbs!

We ended our trip with 54 fish in 3 days.


(evening spread)





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