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248 XF Albemarle

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Albemarle boats, similar to several other off-brands not well known in the great lakes, have a high reputation with fisherman abroad, esp. the ocean. They definitely cost more as they are not high production boats, as many cannot afford the luxury and craftsmanship within. I haven't fished one yet either, but have inspected several at boat shows and was impressed with the construction and amenities geared towards fishermen. Look at blue book/nada values for a better idea, and of course the very important survey, make sure the surveyor is very experienced/well respected, and be there for his survey for sure to inspect his observations on the spot. His statements in person should dovetail with the written report exactly, or he's not good. Got a pic and stats on the boat? Thanks.

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I have spent quite a bit of time on a 28 albie with twin inboards and as my girlfriend calls me "its an absolute dream boat". if your able to snag one I highly recommend it. Some of the reviews on the 248 have been outstanding. I seen one fishing little sable last year and it looked like a winner in the water to me. Your defiantly getting more boat than a 24.

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