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Newbie big lake guy here

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First post here, been sneaking around reading all the great info on this site for a while now. Made three trips too the big lake this year and getting better and better. 1 for 1, 1 for 2, and finally 2 for 4 losing a nice fish yesterday :) I bought some rods from a Mr. Mike Heckman and he turned me onto this site. Thank you Mike!! Its a great site with a lot of people willing too help newbies and just sharing knowledge they have gained over the years. Okay enough of the intro....got too go researching dipseys! haha Thanks guys!

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From one newbie to the other... Welcome.

Where do you fish out of?

I've been fishing mostly out of Muskegon or Whitehall. Its a straight shot for me, usually takes a couple of hours to get there and havn't ran into much traffic.

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