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Holland aboard the N II Deep Sat am

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Steve, Jacob, myself all joined Jon aboard the Limo Sat Am. Set up in 80' and put strictly a big fish program down. The coppers where dead for the day, but the riggers, and divers where getting hammered. Spinnies and flies on all 6 targeting 40-60' down. We landed 6, and had three break our wire. These fish are absalutlly crushing the flies. Top 4 where 15, 16, 17, and 18 pounds. This one took a mountain Dew SD and Mirage fly set at 46' on the rigger. When she was done taking line on the first run, the counter read 450'

18.5 #


Got in just before the rain.


Thanks for having us Jon.

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Nice job!

How long of a lead between the ball and sp/fly was best?

Just 8-15' for us.

Lower rigger will be set 8', and higher rigger will be about double that.

11" white paddle/poofster or mirage fly on low rigger, and 8" SD on higher rigger.

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we have had some really nice rips on flys also but moonshine spoons have brought in alot of 20+# fish this year. We have caught at least 10 20+# out of ludinton this year. They are BIG this year. We have had like 5 straight trips with at least 1 20# in the box. We had three 20# in the box a couple weeks ago.

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