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Lost in Holland 8-20am, please find

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Looking for the following lost on a north troll in 80' between the sliders and Camp Geneva.

20# + king with a glow thunderstick and / or mag moonshine mongolian beef - tangled two lines and pulled them both into the wire, breaking them both off. This was after we dragged it for 40 minutes trying to pick apart a quad on kings with me and a 9 year old in the back of the boat.

Big king on a 11" paddle with a mirage fly, 5/0 single gammy hook

~ 14# king on a mag bloody nose moonshine, ran the boat and got into the wire after jumping in the prop wash

??, green spinny and green fly from the DW B4K.

Ended up 3 for 11 with a 17# king, 5 and 10# lakers. North troll the whole way, south troll was brutal. Quit at 9:30 as I was frustrated. Most days I'd kill for 11 hits.

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Dang, thats a bummer. I lost a spoon the other day to a rambunctious steelhead with my mom on the rod. He went under the starboard rigger over the diver then came back out the same way he came and got into the port side rigger in about 3 seconds. I grabbed the line, got the net under him just as it snapped. Got the fish and main line spoon, but my Elberta Clipper Free Slider and Standard U of M frog is long gone....lol...Not so bad compared to you cats...OUCH

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