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ludington 8/20 am and pm

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Fished from 50-130 fow and the temp. Was WARM (60-70 degrees from top to bottom) but just south of the point the temp dropped to 54 and we found the fish. First we caught a 16# with a Mongolian beef back 100 on high diver. Then we had a SCREAMER it took 300 foot of wire out before it came off. That was a blue bubble spin doctor with a blue rubber poofster back 125 on a low diver. It hit well I was setting it. I went to stop the dipsey and it just kept goon. Then we had a double. First the green jeens on the half core went and then the Mongolian beef went. That was a interesting double because the first fish was a 15# and the second one was a 20#. The 20# got tangled in the rigger and dipsey so I had to hand line that into the net. We missed another fish on the half core so we ended 3 for 5.

We decide to run out deep into the 40's (400 fow) went 5 for 9. Went on a west troll and hit our first fish well setting rods. DDipsey 100 back with green dolphin. Lost it at the back of the boat. Then we just plucked away at them. We had a fish on every 15-30 min. Mixed veggie on dipsey took 2 steelhead. Carmel dolphin on rigger took one. Happed meal on rigger missed one. Green jeens on half core missed a stealhead that put on a areil show. 300 copper with meat rig missed a nice king. And the blue dolphins on a 7 color caught a nice steelhead and a 20# king. So it was a pretty good night. Just alot of jumping steelhead who were throwing the hook

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